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Vesnin hram (Vesna's temple)

Vesnin hram is virtual art gallery. It is sanctuary for all artists who do not have their own web page or they would just like to have more promotion. With up to 24 images of artwork per exhibition is assured enough space for owerview of artist's work. The gallery is open for all artist who would like to have an exhibition in it.

The gallery headquarters are in Kamnik, old historical town in Slovenia (Europe).

The gallery is named after Slavic goddess of Spring called Vesna ("Vesnin" means "Vesna's") who represent beginning of new fertile year when nature becomes alive after long, cold winter. Hram means temple. 

History of Vesnin hram:

2. February 2002 - ...... Raving art by Atman Victor
27. October 2001 - ......
Irish art by Toni de Faoite
5. May 2001 - ......
Digital traveling without borders by Siegfried Schreck
13. February 2001 - ......
Elements of paintings by Bob Dornberg
3. January 2001- ......
The Art of Infinitee by Ralph Manis
9. November 2000 - ...... The World in my eyes by Zvone Rovšek
27. August 2000 - ......
Human touches world with lens by Peter Sven Berger
Summer 2000 
Renovation of the gallery
June 1999 - ...... 
The art of Steve Martin
May 1999 - ...... Drawing with happines by Grega Torkar
1. February 1999 - ...... Cyanotypes from Paris by Michael Moreth
25. January 1999 - 9. November 2000 Paintings by Zvone Rovšek
Autumn 1998 - ...... Shaun M. Duffy
June 1998 - ...... Chicago impressions by Michael Moreth
7. March 1998 - ...... 
  Mythic Naturalism by Jonathon Earl Bowser
7. March 1998  Opening day



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