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Zvone Rovšek

Zvone Rovsek, Slovenian painter, was born on January 13th in the year 1961 in Ljubljana. He finished Chemistry school in the year 1978 and started working  at The chair of Physical Chemistry at Faculty for Chemistry in Ljubljana. Since 1996 he is employed by Kolinska as a superintendent. In his free time he is amateur photographer, painter, computer programmer and is growing exsotic plants. He came in touch with painting for the first time in grammar school where his art teacher was Polde Mihelic.  He started more siriously to paint in summer 1998. He got some experiences through creating pictures with programms for linear pictures on computer. In August 1998 he participated in famous painting school by Savo Sovre and later also by Anja Smajdek. He started with water colors and continued with acryl, but the tehnich he prefer the most is oil on canvas.

Written by Zvone Rovsek, translated by Marko Puschner

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