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Computer art

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Part of:This site is one of Daydreamer's dreams by Marko

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 The latest exhibition:

Carson C. T. Collins

"I'm not sending a message," the artist says. "I'm offering an opportunity."

Coming soon:


Horizons? Horizons! At firs I thought that this paintings are nothing but different colors. But then I took some time and watched them carefully. And I've found completely different world. Enjoy!


Featured artists:

Carson C.T. Collins
Atman Victor

Toni de Faoite

Siegfried Schreck
Bob Dornberg
Ralph Manis
Peter Sven Berger
Zvone Rovsek
Steve Martin
Michael Moreth
Grega Torkar
Shaun M. Duffy
Jonathon Earl Bowser

 Bob Dornberg 

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