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The greatest success for the artist is when his work is exhibited and people like it. So I would like to invite everyone who created something artistic (paintings, sculptures, poems,...) and wants to exhibit it to contact me. I will prepare exhibition in virtual gallery Vesnin hram. All exhibitions are free. If you are amateur artist send me your work and it will be exhibited in this gallery. Your work will be seen by many people. Maybe someday will some curator invite you to an interview and he or she will like you and your work and your work will be exhibited in some well known gallery. You will become famous and people will be waiting in lines to see your latest work; and than you will - maybe - remember that you started in Vesnin hram. - Dreams? Everything is possible!!
If you are professional artist why do not you exhibit in this electronic gallery. It is nothing special but you can show your work to even greater amount of people.

Exhibition rules:

1) Owner of the gallery is Marko Puschner.
2) All works (images) are exhibited as electronic files.
3) Written works (poems, stories, etc.) must be send in RTF or TXT file. Other works (paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.)  should be photographed (be careful with the light) and then scanned (or in some other way transformed into electronic form) or in some other way transformed into computer data file; graphic files should be in jpg or gif (also other typs but please inform first) format. Be very careful with quality. It is better to make bigger file with better quality than smaller file where quality could be poor. All files should be send via e-mail.
4) I reserve the right to adjust and correct your files to exhibit your work in the best manner possible.
5) Images are exhibited for indefinite time unless otherwise agreed.
6) You must send me an e-mail in which you allow me to use your work (images) for exhibiting in the gallery Vesnin hram. 
7) All images will be used only for needs of exhibition. On the page with image of your work will be clearly shown who is the author of exhibited work.
8) I may use some images of your work as small icons for navigation inside the site and as a part of promotion banner for the gallery.
9) Between the owner of the gallery and the owner of the artistic work can be agreement which is against rules 2,3,4,7,8.

 Want to print the rules? Click here.

If you agree with above written rules  send me an e-mail and we will make agreement for the exhibition.